Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma

Do you want to heal others?

Do you want to be a practitioner?

This fully accredited diploma course will give you all the tools to set up your own Crystal Healing practise 

For over 20 years I've worked with Crystals in my everyday life, and used them to bring my life into balance as well as offer powerful healing to my clients.


I have drawn upon my years as a tutor assessor for a top UK training provider to create a course designed to help you not only learn crystal healing, but give you guidance on setting up your own practise 


I put this course together because I didn't feel that any other course online gives you quite enough information to become a practitioner with confidence, at an affordable price. 


This course will teach you practical Crystal Healing, and give you the complete guide to setting up your own practise, including a crash course in digital marketing, and getting the most out of social media. 


The easy to follow structure will teach you everything you need to know quickly, and will help you have the confidence to start your own safe and successful practise. 


You will join our online community of healers and crystal enthusiasts. A safe place to share and learn from each other, and build life-long friendships.


You will also benefit from direct access to me for any questions you have in regular live Q&As 

​At the end of this course, no matter what your goal, you will be ready to create sacred space and use your intuition to heal others. 

Course highlights include

12 Modules 

Packed full of Knowledge

Video Tutorials

See how to carry out a healing treatment

24/7 Global Access

Learn anytime, anywhere. At your own pace, all online. 

3 or 6 month payment plan

FREE Moon Bundle

Exercises, journals, affirmations and more

Learn how to market your crystal healing business

IPHM Accredited

Full international accreditation with Certification upon completion of case studies

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